Saturday, 20 April 2013

First sit in the garden.

I'm writing this from a little corner of my garden that is currently bathed in sunshine and sheltered from the breeze.  If I close my eyes I can almost image that I am far far away and sat on some Greek Island on the veranda of a little white washed villa,  Ahhh, we can all dream.  For now my own back garden is just as nice.

I managed last weekend to get out and spend a bit of time working on the garden so it's all looking fairly tidy.  The plants are finally starting to show signs of coming back to life and I can now see numerous little green buds and splashed of colour beginning to appear. 

It so nice to be able to sit outside with the sun on your back.  The kids have gone out for the day with their dad.  The other kids that live down the street and there's quite a few have all magically disappeared somewhere.  This just leaves me,my laptop, a nice cup of coffee and the birds singing in the trees.

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