Sunday, 14 April 2013

Thank God This Week is Over!

This week has to go down in history as probably one of the worst weeks ever.  Thank God it'sSunday night and it's almost over.  Next week can only get better.  I think I will have an early night and wake up tomorrow at the start of a new week, with hopefully some good news on the horizon.

My dad is still in the hospital and we've seen numerous doctors, who have all provided different diagnosis's and different explanations. We do finally have progress and numerous tests have confirmed the problem.  Only problem is we now have to have further tests to determine the right type of treatment.  With any luck there should be some news tomorrow and hopefully, fingers crossed, he will be back home where he belongs very soon.  Its been a long and very tough couple of weeks.

On top of all that I am now back to being single.  Me and my man have called it a day.  Actually to tell the truth, he dumped me on Friday night via a text of all things.  Perfect timing!  Not one to wallow and feel sorry for myself I'm gonna dust myself down and pick myself right back up again.  This relationship has felt doomed from the start and it's not the first time we have split in our rather rocky 8 months together.  This time it's for good.  I need to put the kids first and I've always prided myself on providing them with a stable homelife.  They don't need someone that is there one week and gone the next.

There is a very big positive side to being single at the moment and that is all the time I will have to spend on my writing.  I have so many projects that I've wanted to tackle and just not had the chance.  It's time to get stuck in and start seeing the items been ticked off my to do list. Watch this space because you'll be hearing a lot more from me.

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