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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Crazy Times

I have to confess that my blog is suffering at the moment due to there literally just not being enough hours in the day.  When I have had the chance to be honest I just haven't known what to sit and write about.  This is just a quick post tonight to let you know I'm still around and will be back up to full speed fairly soon.

I have so much going on at the morning what with my dad still being in the hospital, yep he's been stuck in that awful place for two weeks now and if he's not released soon I think we may have to smuggle him out.  It's worse than being in prison.  The harsh thing is he doesn't feel unwell in himself but due to medicatation he is being given he's not allowed home either.   Arghhh!!! The kids are missing him dreadfully but are not allowed onto the ward to visit.  Tonight, he made his escape for ten minutes and the kids met him outside which cheered everyone up no end.  There was hugs and kisses galore.

It's been my first week back at work this week after almost two weeks off and it's been a shock to the system having to set alarm clocks and get up and organised in a morning.  The only good thing is at least the mornings are lighter which makes it very slightly easier to drag myself out of bed.

It's off to bed for me now what with my alarm set for 6.15am I need my beauty sleep.  Night all x

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