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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wellies, Easter Eggs and Hospital Visiting.

Well, this Easter has definitely been eventful.  There's certainly never a dull moment.  My dad has been in the hospital all over the bank holiday with a dodgy knee.  He certainly knows how to pick his moments.  He usually picks Christmas to be ill but this time he's hit both Christmas and Easter. Just wondering what he's going to do for his hat trick.

I have to have a moan about the NHS here.   The ward he is on is certainly not the best he's stayed on.  He saw a doctor today for the first time since Thursday.  I didn't realise that hospitals failed to function during the bank holidays.  My dad does have an incurable condition which is treatable with the correct drugs.  However, after  days of waiting for results he's had no treatment to speak of and we still don't know what the problem is despite being told that we would have the results back from the initial tests within the hour, here we are 5 days later and none the wiser. They say there is a shortage of hospital beds yet there's my dad taking up a hospital bed for no other reason then a swollen knee.  Apart from that he is fighting fit. Something his seriously wrong somewhere.

Rant over and on a lighter note our wellies have certainly been put to good use this weekend.  Firstly there was a visit to the farm.  They certainly came in handy with all the muddy puddles dotted around. It was a glorious sunshiny spring day and the kids had a great time feeding the animals and building dens in the woodlands.  It was so nice to just be out in the fresh air and feel the sun on the back of your neck.

The sun was was short lived.  On Easter Sunday we visited the seaside town of Filey on the East Yorkshire coast and the kids were having a great time on the bouncy castle in the snow. We left home with blue skies and sunshine and arrived to grey, murky clouds and bitter winds. It was absolutely freezing and I couldn't wait to just get home and defrost. 

I would say I couldn't wait to get home and tuck into my Easter eggs but I have to confess despite having two waiting for me I'm not in a chocolate eating mood and I haven't opened any.  I'm sure they won't last to much longer.

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