Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hull Single Parents

So, I have probably had officially one of the worst weekends ever.  It's certainly made me question a lot of things in my life and I realised I have some major changes to make.  I had a very sleepless night and was up at 5.30 am this morning having my morning coffee.  Can you believe the one morning a fortnight that I'm child free and I'm up at that time. 

The situation is I do actually like being single.  Being in a relationship is actually most of the time more hassle then it's worth.  I just want to find a way to meet new people.  To form new friendships for both me and my kids.

The fact is last night I realised that I need to actually start living my life, for me.  I need to find a new way of making new friends that are in the same position as me.  Being a single parent it's not easy to get out and meet new people.  Now, I'm not necessarily taking about men and relationships here, I'm done with all that, although if a tall dark handsome stranger where to come and whisk me off my feet I may think differently.  Anyway, back to the point in question, I'm talking about people just like me that are raising children alone and maybe just want someone to meet up with and chat to.

As I am a member of the mumsnet website and my blog posts are posted onto their site I had a bit of a search through and there was a brilliant forum where single woman are forming friendships and arranging camping trips and all kinds of activities.  Brilliant, I thought that's just what I'm looking for.  Erm, slight problem, in that there is no one in my area organising anything.  Everything is all down south and logically just to far to travel.

I immediately set about searching various groups and organisations within the Hull area.  Surprise, surprise I came up with a big fat zero.  There were plenty of dating sites all wanting to take my money and sign me up to meet what they class as like minded people but as I said earlier this isn't about meeting men. It's about meeting people in my situation and forming new friendships.

So, this may now be my next project.  I may have to see what I can do about organising a little meet up in the Hull area.  I just need to work out how I'm going to spread the word on this hence my first step is this rather erratic blog post.

Any single parents out there in my area that have any ideas on this please drop me line.



  1. I'm in! Personally its not just the socialising with the kids which is easy - its adult conversation and catching up which I miss the most. Could do with a monthly meet up with people in a similar position so the world doesn't seem quite so 2.4 orientated. If theres anything you need help on getting started I'm happy to share the burden. x

  2. Brilliant Rach. At the moment it's just you and me so you have the job of being my wing woman. haha. I haen't a clue how or if this will work but what the hell it was a light bulb moment that could maybe turn into something good.

    I've posted some threads on some blogging sites and I'm thinking possibly a face book page that people could post to and maybe get to know each other a bit and see if I get any interest

    It's deffo the adult conversation, social side of it that I miss so we could maybe throw some ideas around if I get anyone interested and possible organise a child free monthly meeting somewhere. Glad your on board x

  3. Hi Jayne. Approach Gingerbread - they send you bumf and posters and help you get started. I started Harrogate Gingerbread that way.

    1. Thanks Victoria I'll give that a try. Your help is much appreciated.

      Jayne x