Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Nightmares, Accidents and the Daily Grind

Well my dreams of winning a share of the Euro millions jackpot didn't come to fruition.  We won a grand total of five pound something which shared between thirty odd of us probably wouldn't even cover my bus fare to the end of the road never mind my air fare to Greece.  Still I've paid my next pound and fingers crossed for Friday.

Instead of living the dream, I've been plodding on through my daily routine.  Up at 6:30am, showered, kids off to nanna's, straight to work, then home, collect kids, started the housework, cooked the tea, washed the pots, finished the housework, showered the kids and phew time to sit down.

It's actually been a day of accidents.  Faye falling off her bike again and having another bloody knee.  She has a matching pair now.  Charlie fell over his own feet and took the skin off his elbow and grazed all his side.  I think my kids need wrapping up in cotton wool.  The day started with Charlie getting his finger stuck inside a plastic ring that was meant to go around a drinking straw.  I'd just got into the shower and lathered my hair with shampoo when his panic stricken face popped around the shower curtain.  Waving his finger in the air, "Help mummy.  It's stuck"  Perfect timing Charlie.  So there I was trying soap and fairy liquid but there was nothing for it, with the tip of his finger starting to go blue, I grabbed the scissor and it was tough going but I eventually managed to free his finger.  All that excitement before 7am.

I have to say I'm shattered.  I hope I sleep better tonight than last night.  I was plagued by an awful nightmare that has actually bothered me all day.  I'm not normally a dreamer. In fact, I very rarely remember a dream but last nights dream was horrific.  So horrific in fact that I can't share it in here.

Anyway time for me to put my feet up and I'm thinking a large vodka might go down well to finish the day.

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