Saturday, 24 August 2013

Review of Ruthless by Jessie Keane

I've read most of Jessie's book and so I was thrilled to be contacted and offered a copy of her latest book Ruthless.  Wow, what a book.  The fifth in the Annie Carter series and in my opinion the best so far.  I can't wait for number six!

This book covers the 70's and 80's and sees Annie receiving her divorce papers from Max.  Previous books have seen Annie grow from a character with nothing to becoming the successful, stunningly attractive and seriously revered woman that she is today. However, the divorce knocks her for six but when old enemies, believed dead, make a re-appearance Annie has to fight till the end for her life and that of her daughters. 

Annie's daughter Layla comes into her own in this books and we watch as she turns from a gawky teenager ( hating her mother and idolising her father,) and transform into a beautiful strong woman in her own right.  Although the journey is far from smooth and Layla has some tough battles to fight.

When the trouble kicks off and Max head back over to England from his new life in Barbados the sparks between him and Annie fly and you are kept guessing until the bitter end, will they? won't they? get back together.

This book rivals any Martina Cole and is a thrilling page turned of crime, deceit and bloody violence all threaded together with strong, attractive woman and sexy London gangsters.  Jessie keeps you on the edge of your seat to the bitter end and kept me awake until the early hours desperately wanting to know the ending.

Would Max be able to follow the clues and save Annie in time? Is the evil and insane Redmond really back from the dead? or is it just all a figment of Annie's imagination?

10 out of 10 and a must read for any crime thriller fans.  To learn more about how Jessie began her writing career and how the character of Annie began click on the link below:

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