Saturday, 7 September 2013

Operation House Blitz

Yesterday saw me undertake day one of Operation House Blitz.  With both kids now at school I have some free time to tackle all those massive jobs that I have been wanting to do for a while but just never seem to get around to.  Day one was the kitchen.

Dropping them both off I came home and was raring to go and got stuck straight into clearing out the kitchen cupboards.  By 11am there was empty cupboards galore but every surface of the worktop and every space of the floor was covered in kitchen utensils, pots and pans.   I looked around and just thought my god what have I done

There was old grotty baking trays that I haven't been used for years, chipped cups and plates all of which swiftly got earmarked for the bin.  As the day progressed the bins got fuller and fuller and luckily as it was bin collection day so did the neighbours, so I could throw more and more away.  Luckily I'd more or less done when I heard the sound of the bin truck, good timing.  Even better luck was the rag and bone man also decided to pay a visit to the street so that took care of the old pans which they gratefully took and I was glad to be rid of.  Saved me a trip to the tip.  How do I manage to accumulate so much junk?

Come 3pm the kitchen was back in place.  Everything put away, nice and tidily and organised, just in time to collect the ratbags.  phew.

Now, for day two.  The kids are away with their dad all weekend and I'm just wondering if I have the energy to sort of my wardrobes.  I have three double wardrobes currently bursting at the seams and somethings have just got to go.

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