Tuesday, 17 September 2013

That just sums it up.

The kids have driven me mad tonight.  Actually all day.  It started as soon as they opened their little eyes this morning and continued when I collected them from school.  Fighting, fritching, arguing.  So, I thought, I'll get tea done early, which I achieved.  Pots done, baths done, school books read, one in bed for 7 and one shortly after at 7.30.

aaaaahhhh, I thought.  Bliss.  I'll switch on my laptop and have a lovely couple of hours catching up on the bits and pieces I've wanted to do for a couple of weeks.  Wrong!

Technology problems.  Arrrghhh! Laptop I hate you.  It's decides to get all temperamental and not log on.  I know it's been neglected for a few days and not switched on but is there any need to start sulking with me.  After several re-starts and clicks to repair the problems finally an hour and a half later it's working.  Yeah!

I have to say though I am quite proud of myself for fixing the problems.  A little while back I would have gone into melt down and started desperately phoning round my in-house technology people (haha, you know who you are) but I fixed it all on my own.

And that just about sums up my day.

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