Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The trouble with kids

After my brilliant weekend this week hasn't got off to a good start.  Things with Mr Charlie and school are not going great.  Last night saw him grounded as he was in trouble for hitting another child in the face.  Apparently the little boy had looked at Charlie and Charlie didn't want him to. 

After a good telling off, a grounding and strong words I had hoped for better things today.  In all fairness to Charlie he was a good boy, at school, but he was the one getting thumped.  I arrived to find not one but two accident forms waiting to be signed.  Firstly he's been gouged and had a big scratch mark down his chest and secondly a child had jumped on Charlie from a table. 

After having a good discussion with the teacher it transcends that there are four boys in the class, Charlie being one of them, who are constantly battling with each other.  The suggestion is that all four parents get together with the teacher and try and put together a plan of attack.  I just hopes it works because this just can't go on.

How can 2 children that I have raised in exactly the same, have been provided with the same values and taught right from wrong be so different.  Faye would be mortified if she got into trouble but Charlie just doesn't care and he actually seems quite proud of the times he's spent of time-out.  Arrgghhh.  He's driving me mad.

Not only is he being naughty at school he's even worse when he gets home.  I'm thinking it's time for some tough mummy love and all treats are going to be earned from here on in.

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