Saturday, 5 October 2013

Biggin Bear comes to stay!

Charlie hasn't had the easiest start to his school life and it's been a rocky few weeks.  He's got himself into a few scrapes and been in and out of time-out on a fair few occasions.  We've had words, tellings off, tantrums and tears but we, fingers crossed, may have turned a little corner.

He skipped out of school yesterday clutching not only his school bags but a tiny little suitcase containing Biggin Bear.  He's been chosen to look after him for the weekend on account of his excellent behaviour this week.  He was thrilled and I am so proud of him.

It's been tough and he's been having a problem with one child in particular.  I actually witnessed the child approach Charlie on Thursday, during our parents play and stay session, and proceed to put his hands around Charlie's neck and start to try and strangle him. All of this was totally unprovoked by Charlie.  I was livid but Charlie handled it really well and instead of hitting back he stayed calm and didn't lash out.  I'm not sure I could have done that.

Anyway, I'm sure it will all get sorted and I know that Charlie will make good headway now.  So we now have to document Biggin Bear's weekend.  It all started with a trip to MacDonald's for tea last night and the pair of them have gone off to their dads today to firstly make toffee apples with nanna and then a trip to the park is on the cards for this afternoon. 

That's my next problem to tackle.  Charlie no longer is happy to spend time with his dad preferring to stay at home with me.  I've encouraged him to go today but he's adamant that no way is he sleeping over tonight.  Still one step at a time.

As for Faye, she's always a good girl and school and is mortified when Charlie gets into trouble.  Her reading has hand me in hysterics this week.  She no longer follows a reading scheme and now just brings home a run of the mill paper back to read. This weeks is called, 'Star pets make it big'.  It follows a group of pets wanting to make a pop group.  One of the pets is a gerbil and she's having real problems with the word.  Each time we come across it she looks at it for ages before coming out with, the gibler.  It's really ticked me to the point now where when I see it about to appear on the page I start to chuckle and she's started to get a little annoyed with me, bless her. 

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