Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Woohoo! a bit of good news

I was shocked today to receive a letter inviting me for an interview for the job I applied for last week.  I wasn't expecting to hear anything from it at all.  I actually spotted the job the night before the closing date and having not filled in a job application form for almost 12 years, it was all done in a bit of a rush.  I just kind of waffled on a bit and hoped for the best.

The next scary past is the interview.  I haven't had to go through one of those for 12 years either so I'm sure nearer the time I will be pretty scared.  Oh well, deep breath.

There's a slight hitch with the working hours, which may make it all a bit difficult when it comes to childcare but hopefully if I do get the job (Oh I really hope I do,) It should be something I can resolve.

It's all pretty exciting.  A new challenge.  A fresh start.  A time to finally walk away from my past and move onto a brand new chapter.

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