Saturday, 9 November 2013

And it gets worse!

I hardly slept a wink last night.  All I could dream about when I closed my eyes was bloody dripping water.  I was up every hour or so constantly checking that nothing had got worse and changing wringing wet towels in an attempt to contain the water.  I feel like a zombie today and cannot wait to crawl up to my bed tonight.

I rang a local company first thing this morning that had been recommended to me last night and spoke to a lovely guy. Although he couldn't promise he could get anyone to have a look at the leak, he was snowed under with work and his engineers were already over-booked with jobs, he did give me some really helpful advice on how I could slow matters down.  He pulled out all the stops and had a guy out to me by 12.30 lunchtime.  A really nice engineer had a good look at it all and unfortunately confirmed that it is the tank and it does need replacing.  This can't be done until next week and therefore my options were to either seal off the hot water, and survive for a week without.  I can't do that.  I can't function without my morning shower, or try to continue managing the problem.  I opted for the second.  He's shown me exactly what to do if the leak gets any worse.  How to drain off my tank and best of all, at the moment, it's working.  Not a drop of water has escaped for the last few hours so at least tonight I can sleep like the dead.

As if the day could get any worse, I went to feed and clean out our little guinea pigs this morning only to find that our little Lily Pig had died.  The kids are devastated.  I spent the next few hours consoling and wiping tears and giving out big hugs.  After a while they started to bombard me with questions about heaven.  How will Lily get to Heaven if she's buried in the garden?  Why did she die? and can we get another one? were all questions I had to find answers to before digging out the spade from the back of the shed and laying her to rest.  There is now a little shrine in my garden made by the kids to the lovely Lily Pig.  It's all so sad she was such a lovely, cheeky little guinea and I'm as devastated as the kids but in answer to the last question, are we getting another one? The answer is no.

Anyway, tomorrow will be a good day.  I can feel it.  It's my baby boys fifth birthday and he is mega excited tonight.  The countdown is finally ending and he has only one more sleep before it's presents and party time.  I just have to sit and wrap all his presents now, which I really don't have the energy for but needs must.  Maybe a glass of wine may help.

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