Sunday, 19 January 2014

Review of The Captain's Daughter by Leah Fleming.

This book was about the sinking of the Titanic.  However rather just being a re-count of the disastrous events of that fateful night, this book is more involved with the aftermath and spans the years from April 1912 right up to December 1959.  The actual disaster is dealt with right at the start of the book and swiftly moves on to how the characters tried to get on with their lives.

The contrasts between the two main characters are huge, yet despite the class differences that night ensured they became friends for life.  May returns to England on the first ship back after the disaster with her baby daughter and a secret that will twist and tear her apart for the rest of her life, whilst Celeste heads back to her wealthy, cruel husband and decides that her life wasn't saved to be spent being bullied.

This book had me gripped and reading well into the early hours. Through the friends we experience love, births, deaths, laughter, tears, heartache and so much more.  The final few chapters of the book you are wanting everything to come to the conclusion this story deserves yet you aren't quite sure until that final page, which actually brought a lump to my throat, that everything should turn out as it should.

If you like a good historical novel then I would definitely recommend a read.  This is the first Leah Fleming novel I have read but I have already downloaded more of her work to my kindle and I can't wait to get reading. 

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