Thursday, 9 January 2014

The rat is on its way out!

Finally, after almost five weeks of living with a rat exploring my loft on a nightly basis I have made some progress with it's eradication and I have the feeling I won't be hearing it for much longer, if ever again.  It seriously has been a living nightmare.  Hearing it's feet pattering about above your head, hearing it chewing and gnawing on who knows what makes you skin crawl.  Not to mention the fact that it could be chewing wiring which can lead to house fires which is a very scary though.  All this while spreading it's vile diseases.

I've had poison in bait boxes, 4 tastily set rat traps, a pest alarm (that was a total waste of money) and some lovely peppermint oil (which they are suppose to loathe the smell of. Hmm that didn't work either,)

Anyway, at my wits end I called the pest control guys back in last week and they have left more poison but this time rather then it being in a bait box it was threaded onto wire and left suspended directly where they are going.  Bingo! I have checked today and they have taken the poison.  Yippee.  A good sized portion off one of the poison blocks has been gnawed away and there are traces of the poison dust beneath and even better blue poo's which means they have ingested it.

I must sound awful and I do feel really bad that it's now probably laying somewhere suffering.  Poison isn't an instant kill and can take days for the poor thing to die but what else can I do?  I can't leave it running around my house.  I'd be over-run within months and that doesn't bare thinking about.

So for now I'm just relieved that with a bit of luck this hellish nightmare will be over soon.  The next plan of attack, once I'm rodent free, is to get the roof checked out.  Get any holes blocked up and make sure that nothing else can take up residence.  I know I have a lovely little home and it is very warm and cosy but some guest just aren't welcome.

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