Friday, 26 September 2014

I've been conkered

I have been having a bit of a problem this week with unwanted visitors.  Huge spiders have taken it upon themselves to pay nightly visits.  I feel like I am beginning to live in a horror movie.  I hate the things.  Can't stand to be anywhere near them.  I know it's irrational and they are probably more scared of me but they give me the creeps.  I have been bravely capturing them and putting them back where they belong but it is not an easy or a nice job.

I have been told them they don't like conkers and to put them in your room to ward them off.  How much of an old wives tale it is, and whether or not it will work, I don't know but time will tell.  Anything is worth a go. So, after school tonight me and my boy went conker hunting and he found a massive amount that he collected up and brought home.

I told him the plan was to place a few in and around the house in places where we'd seen the spiders and where they might me getting in.  Namely, the hallway and the living room.
"Can I do it, mum?" he asked.
"Sure" I replied.  "Just a couple in each room should do it." I said walking off to undertake other tasks.
"Taaa daaa, come and see mum.  Is that OK?"

Well, there are conkers everywhere.  The spiders won't be coming within 10 miles of this house if it works.  My staircase resembles an airport runway and I have to tread carefully when walking in the front door so as not to break my neck.  And they are little piles on them stashed in every nook and cranny.
"Good job, Charlie" I laughed. "Your job is to collect them all up when we no longer need them though."

I've also read that you can make up a solution a water, washing up liquid and peppermint oil.  Haha, I thought, I still have peppermint oil in my cupboard from my rat problem so hey presto one concoction made up and sprayed all around my house.  It now smells minty fresh.  Fingers crossed it works.

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