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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Baby Blackbirds..

I have been sat in the garden today enjoying the sunshine and I noticed two blackbirds hanging around. They kept sitting on the fence with beak fulls of wiggly worms before shooting off and disappearing.  They would then swoop down at ligtening speed before disappearing again. After some detective work I realised that they were popping in and out of the bush at the bottom of my garden.

I patiently waited until both parents were out of sight before sneaking a little peak.  Not expecting to see much more then the outline of a nest. ( They are so good at hiding their babies.) I was amazed to see a little bundle of baby chicks. They looked like little aliens. Eyes still closed and just a few tufts of fluff, not a feather in sight, beaks were wide open waiting for their next meal.  They are just so sweet. 

I could have sat and watched them all day, but I heard the rather loud tweet of daddy who was telling me in no uncertain terms to get lost.  I quickly placed the leaves back to hide my little ones and left them to their dinner.  I can't wait to watch them grow.  My kids are fascinated by them although they have been given strict instructions to leave them well alone.

I am pleased that my coconut liners that they ripped to shreds to make the nest (as posted earlier) was not in vain. Now I have seen these little babies I'm actually pleased that they picked my garden. 

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