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Friday, 8 July 2011


It's a very sad day today.  My baby blackbirds are no more.  I have just been to visit my nest and check out how my babies were doing only to discover that the nest has been attacked in the night.  There was just four tiny little bodies littering my decking.

I feel gutted.  I had felt like a surrogate mother checking on their progress and seeing how fast they were growing.  To find that is so so sad.  My children will be devastated and I'm just thankful that they didn't see they carnage left behind. 

It was only yesterday that mum and dad were busy backwards and forwards yet this morning they are frantically in and out of the bush looking for their missing babies.  The body language is obvious they are frantic.  It's such a sad sight to have to watch.  I am assuming it is one of the many cats that live down the street that is the culprit.  The nest was located very low to the ground and in a very easily accessible place.  Nature can be so cruel somethimes. Poor blackbirds....

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  1. How sad, but of course cat's are not always the culprits. Other birds attack baby blackbirds - Magpies, crows etc., even dogs. Also baby blackbirds tend to leave the nest before they can fly, so they may well have fallen out of the nest during the night. As you say, nature can be so cruel.