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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dark Nights!

Well the kids are all back at school and within the space of three days it feels like autumn is well and truly here.  The leaves on my hedge at the bottom of the garden have started turning red and that is a sure fire sign that summer is well and truly over and done with.  Did it ever get started this year? I think not.

So, here I am, it's just gone eight o'clock the blinds are closed, the lights are on and it's pitch black outside.  More to the point it's freezing cold.  I will not succumb and turn on the heating.  Instead I'm sat in my office (Hahaha I wish) dinning room table writing away with my spotty, pink, fluffy slippers on and 2 cardigans. 

The only good thing about the colder months is that I tend to get more writing done,  I'm definitely a bad weather writer.  When the sun is out I like to be outdoors,  Days out with the kids and spending time in the garden are the best way to spend sunny days.  I see those months as gathering my ideas and then when the bad weather comes I can sit and make sense of them all.  That's the general idea, although it doesn't always work, it does ironically make sense to me. 

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