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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Morning Snuggles!

I had the most wonderful moment this morning that I just have to share.  Snuggled under the duvet I was in that state of just waking up and being aware of the world when I heard the shuffling of little feet coming into the bedroom.  A little tousled haired Charlie climbed into my bed, along with all his paraphernalia of Sunny bear, gaddy (dirty, smelly bit much loved snuggle blanket) and his cup of juice.

So, in he climbs in bed, pulls my head around non to gently before kissing me on the cheek and saying "I luff you mummy so much, put your arms around me."  I just melted. What a way to start the day.

It wasn't long before he was joined by his sister, coughing and spluttering and complaining that she didn't feel well. We all snuggled up to together for a cheeky five minutes, however, it wasn't long before the inevitable fighting and bickering started over who had, or didn't have the most space and who I was or wasn't cuddling.

It's little moments like that that make everything worthwhile.

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