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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fever again!

My kids go to their dads on a Saturday and Sunday, every other weekend.  This weekend being their turn to go I was looking forward to a few hours peace and quiet to really get some work done.  It's hard trying to get anything done on a night anymore.  There are getting older and don't want to go to bed so early.  I'm now lucky if they are in bed for 8.30pm and by that time I'm tired, having been up and on the go since 6.30am, my concentration isn't what it could be.

Although they visit at the moment they don't sleep over.  Faye did sleep over last night and it seemed to go ok.  As soon as she is poorly he couldn't get her back home quick enough.

Typically this is now the second weekend out of three that one or both have been poorly and therefore wanted to stay at home with mummy.  As much as I love them to pieces, they sure know how to pick their times.  My assignment has been half finished for six weeks now and at the rate we are going it will be in the same sorry state for the foreseeable future.  It's so frustrating at times! 

Must be nice to pick and choose when you have the kids and then only get to do the good bits.  I'm praying they are both better tomorrow so I can have a bit of me time without having to answer to their constant demands of  drinks, snacks, changing DVDs and wiping a constant stream of running noses.

I can't remember the last time I had a full nights sleep, let alone a lie in.  What's one of them?  Even on a weekend when I refuse to get out of bed until at least 7, I'm still generally woken up.  At the moment I have my baby Charlie with a thick green snotty nose laid on one sofa and my Princess sprawled on the other and we are watching 'The Polar Express' for the umpteenth time.  I really don't want a Christmas film on at Easter but it's Charlie's film of the moment.  And if it keeps them quiet for half an hour it's worth it.

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