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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Spagetti Messes!

What a state to get in! I'd left Charlie eating his tea for two seconds while I nipped upstairs and this was what I returned to. He was covered.  It was in his hair, up in nose, I even found some in his ears! Luckily I have wood flooring.  He was stripped off, the clothes went straight in the washer and he was scrubbed in the kitchen sink. 

I then had to spend the next hour scraping up bits of spaghetti, moping floors and cleaning up after him.  All the while he's running around the living room in his pants causing as much chaos as he can,
He has been such a naughty boy these past few days.  He flooded the bathroom yesterday.  He just decided that he was going to bail out the water over the side of the bath.  There was Faye sat trying to clear it up with a flannel, bless her.  "Stop it Charlie" she was shouting, "mummy is going to be really really cross." That was an under statement.  He was out that bath like a flash and he got the telling off of his life.  Does he seem to care.  Not a bit. 
He just pouts at me and says "I don't love you cos you tell me off. I'm going to live with my nanna!" That's OK Charlie, I'll pack your bags for you and send you on your way.

I don't mean it really.  He's just like a Jekyll and Hyde character.  When he is good he is amazing. When he's naughty he's awful.  He always comes into my bed in a morning for a little snuggle and it's the nicest way to start the day.  He puts in arm around me, kisses me and says "I love you mummy." that's the best part of being a mum.  Then Faye climbs in the other side and within seconds World War 3 breaks out. I usually lay there, mentally working out, how many hours it is until it's bedtime.

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