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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Charity Buckets

Moving on from my post of 18 April 2012 on Charity Cold Callers I now have a further moan to make.  I'm getting a bit fed up of being pressured upon entering and leaving shops.  My local supermarket seems to have a different charity every day standing at the entrance with collection buckets. 

Don't get me wrong, I have no objection to putting change into them and more often then not I do just that.  What I don't like is the guilt you feel when you actually say no.  Take today I genuinely did not have any change in my purse and when I walked past I felt horrible.  Sometimes you have to draw the line.

The part I hate is when they engage you in conversation.  A couple of weeks ago I had gone to the newsagents for a magazine and there was actually a stall set up with two young girls stopping every customer that was leaving and trying to get them to set up a direct debit for a certain charity. All that managed to do is get my back up and I now tend to go to another shop for my magazine. 

 It's awful that some people don't have clean water to drink and are dying of starvation. That children are abused. That people have debilitating illnesses. Not forgetting the dogs needing homes. The world is a cruel place and I can't help everyone one.  So which one do I pick? Which charity do I choose to help?

Is it me that is just a grumpy old cow or does anyone else feel the same way? Where do we draw the line and say yeah, OK, I sympathise but I cannot afford to donate to every charity no matter the heartbreaking stories that we are told.

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