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Monday, 6 August 2012

Heartbreak closely averted.

Charlie was almost heartbroken when we feared we had lost forever his beloved Sunny Bear.  Sunny Bear is the main character bear at Sundown Adventure Lane near Retford.  Ever since Charlie's first trip when we acquired a little Sunny Bear they have been best friends. Here's Charlie with the real Sunny Bear taken just a couple of weeks ago.

 Where ever Charlie goes, Sunny Bear is never far away.  He's been to playschool, he's been on day's out, he's stayed in numerous caravans, been on a aeroplane, goes to stay at daddies alternate weekends and most importantly sleeps in Charlie's bed every single night.  Apart from last night!

Knowing that Sunny Bear couldn't possible be to far away.  He had him recently and on the day he was lost we didn't leave the house.  After turning the house upside down, looking in all the obvious and clearly barmy hiding places, I drew a blank.  After a serious interrogation as to when Sunny Bear was last seen, it transpired that Sunny Bear had been having a bounce on the trampoline with Charlie and things had gotten little rough, as they have a tendency to do and resulted in Sunny Bear being propelled into next doors garden.

Not usually a problem, it's a case of knock of the door and ask for the bear.  However, next door are not in and to make matters worse they are currently in the process of constructing am extension and  their garden currently resembles a building site.

Not to be deterred I had a quick search from my side of the fence hoping to locate Sunny Bear in the rather large bushes that separate the gardens.  Unfortunately he wasn't there.  Then I happened to spot him right at the back of their shed.  It was going to be mission, almost, impossible. Blocking the way to Sunny Bear from very direction was a huge amount of various building materials.  This was not going to easy an easy task

Resourceful as ever I managed to poke a rather long bamboo garden cane through the fence and wiggled Sunny Bear towards me.  Then much to Charlies horror I grabbed Sunny Bear by the ear with a rather large pair of kitchen scissors. 
" Don't hurt him, mummy, oh please don't cut his ear off, please, please, please" came his cries.
"I won't hurt him," I replied, through gritted teeth.
I managed to pull Sunny Bear close enough to the fence until I could get my fingers through the gap and grab him.  The bright idea was simply to then pull him though the gap in the fence.  Simple!.  Erm no. His head popped through no problem followed by two arms and a leg, before his bum got stuck and I mean stuck.

"You need to go on a diet, Sunny Bear" I said, whilst Cahrlie laughed and shouted "You can do it, Sunny Bear." Disaster then struck as whilst jiggling and prodding and tugging Sunny Bear, there came an awful riiiippppp.  I had almost pulled his arm off.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh" shouted Charlie, "You've hurt him, mummy, you've hurt him!" to make matters worse   a second, thankfully smaller, rip was heard as his dungaree's also got caught. 

"shit, shit, shit, shit, shit" I muttered under my breath.  Back to the drawing board.  There was no way that Sunny Bear was coming back home that way.  So he was squeezed back through the fence and plopped to the floor.  This time his good arm was firmly grasped in the scissors and I managed to manoeuvre him up to the top of the fence, where I managed to stand on a chair, grab his head and pulled him back through the bushes.  It was a very tired, dirty and sorry looking Sunny Bear that came home. 

"Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh" shouted Charlie, grabbing Sunny Bear off me.  He got the biggest hug and kiss of his life.  The good news is with a needle and cotton he is repaired, yet again and looking almost as good as new.  It's a happy little Sunny Bear and Charlie that are snuggled up in bed tonight.  What they don't know is that tomorrow, Sunny Bear is going on another adventure into the washing machine to get cleaned up.  Neither of them will be happy at that.

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