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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Paintbrushes at the Ready!

I'm in DIY mode at the minute which is a bit scary because I know what happened last time.  Whenever I have a lot on my mind or something kicks off in my life I have these mad urges to start ripping my house to bits and re-decorating.

I've not done anything drastic at the minute but that could all change soon.  I have been known in the past to simply decide at 8pm on a Friday night to decorate the kitchen.  This then involves staying up all night sanding and painting.  A lot of people will probably think it nuts but I actually find in quite therapeutic.  Although it's not so good the next day when you are shattered and have to hyperactive kids to look after.

I've made a little start today by sorting out some rather big annoying problems with the bathroom.  My bath tap for the hot water died on my a few months back and as I'm more of a shower person than a bath person I've put off having the repairs done.  However, it's rather annoying when you feel a bit off colour and just fancying wallowing in a really nice hot bath and then realise that you have to start filling up bowls of water just to fill the bath.  By the time you have filled it deep enough the water is kinda luke warm rather then bum burning hot.  I like to get out of the bath with my skin red and rosy not blue and pimply.

Anyway the plumbers scheduled to come next Thursday so this afternoon I was off the shops to purchase the taps. Blimey, I didn't realise just how much those contraptions cost.  I just wanted a tap.  Something not to fancy but that looked nice and modern.  I had a hot sweat when I saw the price of the ones I had in mind.  £200 for a set of taps and that was just for the bath I then needed anther £150 for the basin.  Not a chance. I'd need them diamond encrusted to pay those prices. I've managed to track down some that are rather nice for a fraction of the price. To me they have still cost a fortune but my bubble bath next Thursday will hopefully be worth it.

So whilst I'm in bathroom buying mode I've also got a new bath panel to replace my old cracked and  discoloured one.  I've managed to fit that this afternoon. As with everything in my house it was no easy task.  How when something is exactly the same size as the one you've removed does the new one not fit? A little bit a bashing and banging and a lot of effing and blinding and ta da all in place and looking good.   My wobbly toilet seat has also gone and been replaced with a shiny new one with all singing and dancing slow close lid which also cost a small fortune.

I'm just looking around and debating where to start on next.  The hallway? Maybe.  The living room? Naah.  What about my bedroom? Hmmmmm....

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