Where: Place the code in between the Writer, Mother and Reviewer: June 2013

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Busy Times

After my last blog post where yes, upon re-reading it, I was in melt down I'm now back to my happy self  These past couple of weeks have been fairly frantic what with working extra hours at work, trips to the minor injuries, and dealing with, what can only be described as, a devil child and writing numerous pieces to be issued into competitions I haven't had a minute to myself.

Last weekend saw me have one of my mad, I'm going to sort the loft out moments.  Luckily it was a rainy day and me and the kids spent hours sorting through junk and finding all kinds of treasure.  The kids loved it and by the end I was exhausted.  I have so far made 3 trips to the tip getting rid of the rubbish and have a section ear-marked for a car boot sale, if I can find the time and energy to embark on one, that is.  If not, it may have to stay up there a while longer.

Whilst rummaging Faye found my Floopie rabbit and I couldn't help by smile and give her a little hug.  My beloved Grandad gave her to me when I was just a few months old so yep she's getting on in years but I still love her the same and she brings back wonderful memories.  She was feeling a little neglected, her tail was hanging on by a thread, her foot and her head weren't much better but it's nothing a bit of needle and thread won't solve. 

She's now as good as new, well as good as she can be, bless her and currently residing on Faye's bed amidst the hundreds of other teddies and back to be loved again.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hull Single Parents

So, I have probably had officially one of the worst weekends ever.  It's certainly made me question a lot of things in my life and I realised I have some major changes to make.  I had a very sleepless night and was up at 5.30 am this morning having my morning coffee.  Can you believe the one morning a fortnight that I'm child free and I'm up at that time. 

The situation is I do actually like being single.  Being in a relationship is actually most of the time more hassle then it's worth.  I just want to find a way to meet new people.  To form new friendships for both me and my kids.

The fact is last night I realised that I need to actually start living my life, for me.  I need to find a new way of making new friends that are in the same position as me.  Being a single parent it's not easy to get out and meet new people.  Now, I'm not necessarily taking about men and relationships here, I'm done with all that, although if a tall dark handsome stranger where to come and whisk me off my feet I may think differently.  Anyway, back to the point in question, I'm talking about people just like me that are raising children alone and maybe just want someone to meet up with and chat to.

As I am a member of the mumsnet website and my blog posts are posted onto their site I had a bit of a search through and there was a brilliant forum where single woman are forming friendships and arranging camping trips and all kinds of activities.  Brilliant, I thought that's just what I'm looking for.  Erm, slight problem, in that there is no one in my area organising anything.  Everything is all down south and logically just to far to travel.

I immediately set about searching various groups and organisations within the Hull area.  Surprise, surprise I came up with a big fat zero.  There were plenty of dating sites all wanting to take my money and sign me up to meet what they class as like minded people but as I said earlier this isn't about meeting men. It's about meeting people in my situation and forming new friendships.

So, this may now be my next project.  I may have to see what I can do about organising a little meet up in the Hull area.  I just need to work out how I'm going to spread the word on this hence my first step is this rather erratic blog post.

Any single parents out there in my area that have any ideas on this please drop me line.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

ahhh sea air!

After my bad week this morning failed to get any better.  The ex had stated yesterday that he was picking the kids up today at 11am.  There they were all dressed in their best party clothes ready and waiting and waiting. 11.30 came and I text to see what was going on, to which I received no reply.  10 to 12 he rolled up and without even an apology grunted something about not needing to pick them up so early with me having no plans today. 

He's therefore basically admitted that he did know of my plans for yesterday and he did remember the agreement that we had come to he'd just decided to be awkward, again.  My blood was boiling. How dare he assume I had no plans for the day.  The agreed 4 hours he was having them then turned out to be a mere 2, which actually suited me down to the ground.  When he brought them home at 2.30 the car was packed and ready and we headed off to the coast.

The sky was grey and it was a little chilly but the kids didn't care and neither did I.  We had fish and chips and the kids had a good run around with a football whilst we watched the cars from the classic car rally, that had been taking place, drive past. 

I feel re-energised tonight and the sea air and change of scenery has been just what I needed.  The volcano that has been bubbling away and threatening to erupt inside me has quietened down and is just gently simmering beneath the surface again.  Lets see what the week ahead has to throw my way.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bloody Men!

It's not been a good week this week and the weekend has started off on the same path.   To make matters worse I have woken up with an ear ache and now the sun has gone in. 

I had been told that my ex-husband wanted the kids today as the they had been invited to a party.  So, I was looking forward to a few child free hours and had wanted to pop into the town and get some info on a possible big decision that I may be making.  Now, I have to either wait for the next session or drag the kids along with me.  Hmm, can't decide what to do... 

The party is actually tomorrow which means that the plans I had for tomorrow have also gone out of the window.  The really annoying part is that he knew of my plans and doesn't offer to take them for a few hours to help me out. It was his mistake.  Funny how I have to be flexible and swap and change my plans at the drop of a hat yet he has to have a weeks notice for any such changes. It's not just about being flexible though I do it for my kids.  They know about the party and how can I now tell them they can't go?

I could ask him to have them to which I already know what the response will be, some pathetic excuse about having plans! no doubt.  I won't insult myself by asking. I 'll do what I always have to do and just get on with it.  It's a case of having to. Bloody men!!! who needs them anyway? They only let you down.  At the end of the day I don't have the choice of when I have the kids, I have them 24/7, and wouldn't have it any other way.  Even when they do play me up, like today, I wouldn't swap them for the world. 

Anyway, rant over.  On a good note I took the plunge last week and signed up to weight watchers online.  The pounds have slowly been creeping on and now it's time to blast them off.  I have lost 4 pounds this week so at least that is something that has gone right.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Review of the Dispatcher by Ryan David Jahn

This is not my normal choice of book but when I received it on my Kindle Daily Deal and read the reviews I decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did.  It was certainly a fast paced roller coaster ride from the start, never once pausing to catch it's breath. I was gripped from the first sentence.

Maggie was kidnapped, presumed dead, seven years ago so when she manages to escape her captors and call the police, making contact with her dad, Ian Hunt, this kick starts a chain ofevents culminating in a cross state man hunt.

The characterisations in this book were what made it for me.  The evil kidnapper, Henry Dean, is a truly gruesome man and in depth descriptions of his mannerisms really sent chills down my spine.  He stopped at nothing to evade the police and set off a killing spree.

In close pursuit was none other than Ian Hunt, badly injured in their first chance meeting, he discharges himself from the hospital and sets off on Henry's trail.  Ian is determined that he will stop at nothing to free his daughter.

Then there is Maggie, or Sarah as her kidnappers refer to her.  She is one brave girl that has been subjected to a terrible ordeal but she's had enough.  After numerous failed escape attempts, does she finally get away? is the question we ask throughout the book.

I will certainly be looking out for other books from the author.