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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter everyone.  We certainly have loads of chocolate eggs in this house again this year and I can't wait for the children to come home from their dads so that we can get our little Easter egg hunt underway.  Looks like the diet is out of the window for the time being and the bit of weight that I have managed to lose these last few months won't take long to go back on by the time I have finished with this little lot.

So, it's been a while since my last post but finally I have a little time to catch up with things.  Unfortunately I caught the decorating bug.  Yep, it's been building for quite some time and bang it exploded.  I have been through the house like a whirlwind.  In a period of  4 weeks I managed to complete the living / dinning room, the hallway and the kitchen.

It's been hard hard work especially when I have work and my normal everyday tasks to fit in, not to mention the various school events that took up valuable free time.  I found myself staying up till all hours of the morning, yep not night, morning.  The latest record time I get to bed was 3am and I was back up at 7am with paintbrush in hand.  It has so been worth it. I almost feel like I have moved into a new house.

My walls and ceilings are lovely and fresh looking.  I have had new carpets laid and even a deliciously comfy sofa delivered.  So comfy in fact that now I have finished and have a bit of free time I find myself falling asleep really swiftly with my feet up and my new comfy soft cushions.

Have a good day all and enjoy all the lovely chocolate.  I'm sure I will.

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