Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tooth Fairy Mayhem

It was a big moment last night.  My daughters first tooth fell out.  It's been wobbly for just over a week and last night whilst she was watching the TV she let out the biggest yelp.  She shot into the kitchen absolutely panic stricken.  The look of terror on her face is something I will never forget.  "I didn't pull it mummy, I didn't." she said tears welling "it just fell out." "it's alright" I reassured her whilst she crumpled sobbing in my arms.  She has been so excited about this moment, but I think the reality is slightly more scary.

Anyway, she soon got over the shock and started becoming rather excited over the prospect that the tooth fairy would be making her first visit.  She couldn't wait to go to bed.  The tooth was safely ensconced in a little pink tooth bag that she had got out in preparation for the big event and it was neatly tucked away under the pillow awaiting collection.

4.30am this morning.  I was awoken to a little figure at the side of the bed "Mummy" she whispered.  "Mummy, the tooth fairy hasn't been yet".  Brain fuddled with sleep, realisation slowly crept in.  Oh good god, I could have screamed.  How could I have forgotten?  "Don't worry" I said more calmly than I felt "The tooth fairy is very busy but I'm sure she'll come.  You have to go back to sleep though or she won't come." 

I crawled back to bed, now what do I do?  I decided I would give it 10 minutes and then go and find a coin and try and slip it under her pillow.  I had just stepped out of bed typically onto the only bit of the floor that squeaks when, "Mummy, She still hasn't been" came a tiny voice.  This was a nightmare.  deciding I'd have to stay awake a bit longer I turned on my light and opened my book.

"beep, beeep, beeep, beeep came the shrill ring of the alarm clock.  Sh**, I had fallen back to sleep.  How can something so important, go so badly wrong.  "She didn't come, mummy" came the little voice.  She came into my bedroom, eyes brimming with tears.  After a little cuddle I came up with my plan.

Safely watching TV whilst munching her cereal I planted the gold coin.  Then opened the window slightly before shouting, "Faye, have you opened this window? because if you have your in trouble" "No, mummy I didn't honestly" then catching her breath she shouted "the fairy, it must be the fairy" darting upstairs she charged into her room and found her coin.  "She did come mummy, look" she hesitated before saying "but she didn't take my tooth cos I've got it in my hand" "Arrrggggh"

I managed to talk my way round that question and I stupidly thought that would now be an end to the matter.  Oh no, how wrong could I be.  I sent her to brush her teeth before school, and when she let out another yelp, I ran upstairs to find that she had been brushing the tooth in preparation to take it to school to show her teacher and had accidentally dropped it.  Straight down the plug hole!  Lost forever.  Well, you see I think it was the magic fairy dust, it must have sucked it away to the fairy. I hastily managed to explain.

School run done.  I had left her happily telling all her friends the magical stories about our friend the tooth fairy.  I on the other hand was exhausted.  1 tooth down, only 19 more to go.

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