Monday, 10 October 2011

I've been neglecting my writing just lately and so tonight is the night that I sort myself out, pull my socks up as it were and get focused.  I have assignments left sitting half heartedly started.  To be fair I have had a lot going on lately and what with one thing and another things have got side tracked.

To make matters worse I have gone and ripped all the wallpaper off my bathroom walls, so my mission for next weekend will be to get that sorted.   It also means more shopping as I need to get all the matching accessories.  I mean what a chore that will be, haha.  Wrecking my bathroom however has been well worth it.  I now have installed a brand new power shower. After weeks of having to have a bath and live without any form of shower it is absolute bliss to stand there and let the shower just wash away all of my cares.  I felt like a new woman stepping out of there tonight.

I have to admit to having a hangover this morning.  I very very stupidly had a few to many glasses of wine last night and on top of all that I hadn't had much to eat yesterday, which resulted in a pounding head that to be fair has lasted most of the day. I will learn one of these days.

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