Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Soggy Feet!

My mornings, like most mums mornings, are fairly chaotic.  Today was probably one of the worst I have experienced so far.  At 6am the alarm goes off, well Charlie gets in my bed, which means the alarm is due to go off any time soon.

6.30 I blindly stumble down the stairs, settle both kids on the sofa in front of the TV and robot style set about making pack lunches.  Coffee, shower and cereal later I'm starting to feel slightly human and with five minutes to spare we are ready to go.  Problem.  It's raining and I mean it's slinging it down.

So there's me in my work suit, comprising of skirt, tights, heels the whole professional look, trying ridiculously to balance an umbrella carry 6 bags that the children need for school and keep control of a two year old intent of puddle jumping and a 6 year old intent on taking my eye out with her umbrella. Eventually manage to get them securely fastened in the car and off we go.

Swiftly unload my brood and off we run, only to be stopped in our tracks by the river Nile, completely blocking the way.  Of course the Kids go wading in.  They are wearing their wellies. "STOP! There is no way mummy can go through that puddle in these heels" I shout.  "Lets go this way," so we turn the corner and set off down an alternative path. "I don't chuffing believe it" I ranted as to my dismay we came upon a big metal fence totally blocking the path.  By this time I was beginning to resemble a drowned rat. Path number 3 thankfully was almost puddle free, although I had to slip and slide across the muddy patch of waste ground, which resulted in big mud splatters up my tights.  Great!

Anyway, child number one safely at school.  I now have exactly 4 minutes to get back to the car, re-load Charlie, get to my next location and get him safely delivered.  Did I manage it? What do you think? Got stuck behind a tractor going at 5 miles per hour, then behind a bus and once I arrived at said location there was no where to park.  Sod it.  Parked on double yellows and hoped to god I didn't get caught. Luckily, I got away with it.

It was with steam almost coming out of my ears and a very dodgy hair style that I arrived at work. So, I have decided that if it is raining in the morning I will be wearing my wellies.  I don't care how silly I look, I 100 percent do not want to spend another day wearing soggy wet shoes.

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