Sunday, 5 August 2012

Good old British Seaside!

Being lucky enough to live a half hour drive to the coast I decided this afternoon to make the most of the Sunshine and head for the beach.  It didn't take long to pack a bag with swimsuits, towels, a few snacks and drinks and we were on our way.

Only to be met on arrival by grey skies and a biting wind.  It was absolutely freezing.  Not to be deterred we put on jackets, well, the kids did, I had left mine at home, and headed off down Bridlington promenade.  The wind whipping round our ankles, I'm not sure whether to laugh or admire the few hardcore family's who had set up camps on the beach, with their multi-coloured wind breaks and beach tents, there was even a gazebo on there which looked about to blow away at any second.  Each family looked miserable as sin, sat huddled together wearing jackets and wrapped in blankets and beach towels.  I'm not sure that is my idea of fun.

There is a little paddling pool on the front and on a nice day it's a great place for the kids to play.  There were a a handful of children still splashing around, although I did note that they looked almost blue with the cold and a good majority sat shivering once again wrapped in blankets and towels.

In good old British seaside tradition we had a walk around to the harbour and to cheer ourselves up bought a large bag of hot, sugary doughnuts.  Within seconds of opening the bags and handing out the doughnuts we were surrounded by numerous very large seagulls.  Swooping and squawking at us very loudly.  Charlie was not impressed and gripped his doughnut very tightly while shouting "Shooo, seagulls, get lost" Needless to say, they took not a blind bit of notice and got even more aggressive.  We were soon out of there and walking back to the car.

Halfway back I had to laugh as I noticed that one seagull had aimed rather well at nanna and left her a rather horrible present all down the back of her trousers.  It certainly gave us the biggest laugh of the day.  Nanna was not impressed and tutted and cursed as she stood trying to clean it up the best she could with my emergency supply of baby wipes. Still, you know what they say, it's good luck so she had better make sure she plays the lottery this week.  We can all live in hope!

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