Friday, 9 August 2013

The shopping is done.  The washing and ironing is done.  The housework is done.  All jobs are ticked off the list.  The cases are packed and there is nothing left to do but chill out with a ice cold bottle of wine and wait for tomorrow when it's wah hey holiday time!

It's all been a bit last minute but got myself and the kids packed and organised in just a couple of days and I'm really looking forward to spending some quality, fun times with the kids and my family.  Unlike last year we aren't jetting off to some exotic climate, we are staying in this country on the good old British coast in a caravan.  Fingers crossed the weather stays nice but whatever the weather I've packed for every eventuality.  My car will be packed to bursting but what fun we will have.

I have to be honest I need this break.  This last 6 months have been fairly horrendous and I need a clean break to just relax, have fun and forget about everything.  I'm looking at this as a new start.  Hopefully when I get back I will be refreshed, recharged and back on form and ready to take on the world again.  Wipe the slate clean and move forward with some very big plans.

My writing has been suffering of late as well, so with some time away I hope to make a start on some new pieces and get back on track shortly.  Speaking of which I had a very unexpected e-mail yesterday regarding my book reviews on the blog and have been offered a pre-release copy of a very well known authors new book to review, so that was all very exciting and watch this space for that one. 

That's all from me tonight the wine is calling.  I will be back in a week with all the news and antics from my jollies.


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