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Monday, 25 April 2011


What a fabulous weekend I have had.  On Saturday we had a day out with nanna and granddad at Flamingoland.  It was brilliant.  The weather was amazing, it really felt like it was August, not April.

Charlie was in awe of the giraffes, his reaction was one I will never forget.  "Oh Wow, Look at that, look at that." he shouted very loudly.  Faye's favourite part of the day was the parrot show.  For one the parrot refused to perform and two a little duck waddled into the arena and stood centre stage.  He was not part of the show and it was rather funny.

I think nanna and granddad enjoyed the rides the best.  This one is for you granddad.

It was two very tired and happy children that I brought home that night.  Charlie fell asleep at half six and didn't even realise that he had been changed into his pj's.  It was definitely a day I will not forget.  Can't wait go again.

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