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Thursday, 21 April 2011

I seem to be meeting myself coming backwards at the moment.  Every day this week I have had good intentions of finishing my assignment and working on some projects I have in the pipeline.  It has been  gone nine o'clock every night when I have finished sorting everything out and got the kids to bed. By that time I feel exhausted.

The times I have sat down I have been unable to concentrate fully on the task at hand.  My brain just feels fuddled at the minute.  I'll soon get back into the swing of it I'm sure. 

I have spent a lot of time writing in my diary lately.  I love writing this and try to write at least a page a day.  To me it's a great way of putting my thoughts and feelings down and a way of making sense of them all.  Some days I just write random blurb and yet, when I look back at some of the entries a lot are quite deep and meaningful.

I have always been a diary writer.  I dug some of my old ones out the other day.  Some of the things I wrote when I was teenager are bazaar to say the least.  Glad I've grown up since then, a little bit anyway.

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