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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Grocery Shopping!

Lets face it, grocery shopping for most people is one of the biggest chores they have to face. No matter what time you go to the supermarket it is packed.  You can guarnatee that somewhere along the trip you will encounter the really annoying people that just stop to have a gab with their next door neighbour,  block the full asile, then tut when you try to squeeze past.  Then there is the ditherers.  They trudge up and down the asile picking this and that up and putting it back before returning 5 minutes later to pick it up yet again.  Not to mention the screaming kids...

Anyway I went at 9.30am this morning.  Yes, I know it's Sunday day of rest and all that.  But the shop was empty.  I whizzed round with my trolley at lightening speed and had the job done in 20 minutes. Result!

Never again will I moan at the kids for waking me up early on a sunday (Ok, I probably will) but from now on that is the time I will visit the supermarket.  While most people are lazing around and nursing the hangovers I will be up and out.

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  1. Sometimes I shop in Aldi because of all the reasons you have given above :-). It is such a pleasurable experience. The only trouble is that Aldi doesn't stock all the things that I need for my slimming world diet, so eventually I have to brave the dreaded Tesco. I keep wondering if ordering online is the way forward ...