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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Peace and Quiet.

It's so quiet in my house at the moment you can hear a pin drop.  The tapping of my fingers on the keyboard is the only noise.  Just the way I like it, occasionally, that is.  No TV, no kids fighting.  I must admit after a while it's feels a bit to quiet.  The house feels a bit empty but before I know it they will be back and the normal chaos will be resumed.

The kids have gone to their dads so won't be back until around 5.  I have dashed round all morning tidying up, getting the ironing out the way and then took an hour out to spend on the wi-fit.  Yes, that is another goal for the month.  I need to lose a stone before Christmas, so it's diet and exercise all the way. 

My plan for the rest of the day is to dig out the college books and get cracking with my assignment.  Hopefully with 4 hours uninterrupted in front of me should be able to achieve a fair bit.  Then later on it's off to the lovely Kaye and CT's for fireworks, roast pork sandwiches (Yum) and who knows maybe a sneaky glass of wine.  Can't wait!

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