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Friday, 4 November 2011

Stinky Bear!

ugggh was my reaction yesterday when Charlie snuggled up to me with his beloved Sunny Bear.  Not because of the snuggle but due to the very unpleasant odour eminating from the bear.  To say he was stinky was an under statement.

"Charlie, Sunny Bear needs a wash." I told him.  "Shall I take him in the bath with me?" came his reply.  "He needs more than a bath.  He needs to go in he the washing machine."

First thing this morning Sunny Bear was lovingly loaded into the washer.  Along with the equally stinky gaddy (comfort blanket).  Door closed, powder added, swithed on... No! came the shout.  "Sunny Bear don't like it.  He's frightened now and you make him cry" shouted Charlie.  But, it was to late.  Sunny Bear was already being spun round and round.

For the next 45 minutes Charlie constantly checked on the well being of Sunny Bear, pressing his nose to the door to check if he was ok and shout words of encouragement to him.  The little grin as Sunny Bear emerged still in one piece, soon faded when Charlie realised that now Sunny Bear was soaking wet.  The trauma continued as Sunny was now placed into the tumble dryer.

It was a happy little boy that went to bed with his gaddy in one hand, his nono (dummy) in the other and a lovely fresh smelling Sunny Bear tucked under his arm.

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