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Monday, 2 January 2012

A Change of Direction!

A new year and I think it's time for an over-haul of my blog.  I have been playing around with various ideas of where to progress and take this to another level and ultimately I have opted to start show casing a small selection of my fictional pieces.  I did consider setting up a new blog to coincide with this one but maintaining two blogs may just take up to much time, that I already have very little of.  From now on instead of just blathering on about my day to day life with the kids I will be adding a selection of paragraphs from my stories and even possibly poems.

To kick start this I have included a paragraph from a short story I am working on:

I run up to his room slamming the door behind me; standing there motionless I close my eyes and he's here.  He's with me.  I can feel him, I can sense him, I can smell his sweet baby scent, but it's different here too.   The feeling has changed.  The smell is weaker, it's still there but only just.
"Louis, darling" I whisper into the empty room.  "I know I promised that I would never leave you, but baby I have to..." I can feel the pain taking a hold of my body and I desperately hold back the sob that's trying to break free.  "We have to.." I continue.
"Mum? Mum, where are you? Daniels waiting for us in the car" shouts Jamie cutting into my thoughts.
"I'm in here J" I reply "I'm just saying goodbye" I whisper.

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