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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How Dopey am I?

It was my dreaded first day back at work today after a lovely, much needed two week break.  So, got myself in the right mind-set last night.  Made a mental check list of all the things I needed to do this morning went to bed and set my alarm for the awful hour of 6.30am.

The kids have been sleeping in just lately so it was a shock when the alarm went off and I had to drag myself out of my lovely warm bed in what felt like the middle of the night and stumbled downstairs to make my morning coffee.  An hour and half later, I was all showered, kids were up, dressed and sorted and the mountain of stuff they were taking to nanna's was packed and ready to go.

Just about to walk out the door and the phone rings.  It's nanna just wanting to see if I needed anything from the shops because she was heading off early.  "Taking the kids with you?" I asked innocently.  "You have gotta be kidding" was here response.  "Erm, but your looking after them today because I'm at work!" I informed her.  "Yeah, I know" she said "but it's Tuesday.  You don't start work till 12."  I had totally got mixed up my with days.   I could have had a lovely last sleep in.  Goddam what a start! Needless to say the day hasn't got any better.

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