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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Divorce Progress and Charlie's got a girlfriend!

I have had some paperwork from my solicitor and my ex has finally filed the Form of Acknowledgement so I can now proceed and apply for my Decree Nisi.  This divorce has dragged on for so long and we are only just getting off the starting markers.  I first saw my solicitor in September 2010 and here we are almost 19 months later. 

It's funny how he wanted the divorce to go ahead, yet he has been dragging his heels and suddenly they announce the pregnancy and hey presto he speeds things up.  hmmm.  He didn't even have the decency to get divorced before starting his "new family".  I can see straight through him and I know his game.  He has been to "nice" lately, wanting to chat and stuff.  That's always a sign that he is up to something and trying to get me on side.  He had better watch his step because I will always be one step ahead of him. and I don't fall for his patter anymore.

I just wait and pray for the day when the divorce is through and then I can really sweep the whole sorry mess under the carpet and properly move forward with my life, on my own, and without still feeling tied to him.

Moving onto a happier topic, Charlie has a girlfriend and he is proud as punch.  Bless him, every time her name is mentioned his eyes twinkle and he can't wipe the cheeky grin off his face.  She was the new girl at his playgroup and they have taken a little shine to each other.  In fact, they were inseparable for the whole session.  Young love. How sweet and Innocent and so far removed from real life. How I wish everything could be that simple.

Faye on the other hand has 3 boyfriends in tow at the moment and is finding it really difficult to decide which one she likes the best "I think mummy," she said to me earlier, "that I will just marry them all!".  Trying to explain that you can really only marry one, she looked at me and said but what about if daddy marries his girlfriend because she is having a baby."Hmm, erm, OK ..." It's so difficult trying to explain the in's and outs of it all to a 6 year old.  I chickened out and said "If I were you Faye, I wouldn't get married at all." Yep, that's the very cynical me popping up.  To which she responded "oh OK" before skipping off.  Phew.

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