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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Charity Cold Callers

I had a knock at my door earlier and it was a representative from a well known charity cold calling.  Now, I really don't like it when they do this. They catch me off guard, usually when I'm up to my eye's in bathing and doing the whole bedtime routine with the kids.  They start off all friendly,
"Hiya, madam, really sorry to bother you, I can see you busy but ...
"Actually, yeah I am too busy, now go away" is what I really want to say, but I actually stand there politely and listen to their patter.  Then they say "for as little as 28p per day, you can make all the difference ..." All they want me to do is sign on the dotted line and hand over my bank details.

I really wish I could do for more for charity.  When I listen to them say about the plight of the people that the charities are helping, be it adults or children, it hits a nerve.  But in reality, I simply cannot afford to set up direct debits to every charity that knocks on my door.

What I don't like about it is that they target you in your home.  You are confronted with a person that is laying it on thick.  The guy tonight said "just imagine you could help a child live a life like your children have here, with a comfortable home, clean clothes and food on the table." How guilty did it then make me feel saying no.

I just wonder what percentage of the money that is donated is going to pay peoples wages to knock on my door in the first place, to pay for the TV advertising and the people at the top with huge salaries.


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    1. sorry, previous comment deleted because I was unable to edit it! New comment: Charity cold calling, in whatever form (e.g. telephone) but particularly face to face, as in your recent epxerience, is a form of emotional blackmail and an abuse of one's generosity

  2. I agree with Rainbow, it is emotional blackmail and should in my opinion, be made illegal. Your final paragraph has hit the nail on the head though. Just how much of our money does go to charity and not in the pockets of the workers. You should never feel guilty - you give your family the best you can afford and none of us should be made to feel responsible for giving the same to another family, especially when we can't afford to. That is a pretty despicable way to encourage people to give money and is only going to drive away the ones who might just have said yes. We don't get them knocking on the door but I do get many phone calls and have now learned to just say no, before putting the phone down.

    CJ x

  3. Thanks for your comments. It makes me feel a lot less cold hearted to know that people feel the same - jayne X