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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


It's my first session on my new course at Hull University tomorrow and I'm started to feel a little bit nervous now.  I was working out it's been almost 15 years since I was last in a classroom environment.  Where does time go? 

Not only will I be meeting new people, which I really aren't very good at. I don't do all the small talk stuff very well. I will have to write within the classroom and allow the other students to critique it (gulp) and then, as if things could get any worse, read my writing out loud to the the class (think I may turn and run away now) I will be a nervous wreck tomorrow.

Firstly, I have not as yet allowed anyone to read my scribblings and pathetic attempts at story writing.  What if it gets ripped to shreds and it turns out that I am actually rubbish...My stomach is doing flip flops now and the butterflies are really kicking in.  In a weird way I am looking forward to having some feedback on my writing, at least I will know whether to carry on, or just give it up as another one of my daft crazes. I have had plenty of them over the years.

Why do I put myself through it? I should just carry on with the course I was already doing (which, i may add, I am still half way through and will be working at the same time) If I didn't need sleep it would be so much easier to fit everything in.

That's now 3 courses I have running; a job, 2 kids to look after, as well as a house to keep and a garden that is currently looking like a jungle and desperately needs some TLC, and 2 guinea pigs.  There seriously aren't enough hours in the days.  I do get myself into some things.  At least I can't complain that life is boring.

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  1. Good luck with the course, it'll be great for your confidence! It's hard having so many things on and a hectic schedule. As you long as you make a little time for yourself you'll keep your sanity. Easier said than done though as I'm sure you'll agree!