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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Grumpy Old Cow

I have been a right grumpy old cow today.  Lack of sleep has caught up with me.  Firstly I have had two nights were Charlie has been up every 20 minutes between 12 and 3,30am.  He drives me insane.  He gets out of bed trots to my room and expects to get into my bed.  Yeah right! Absolutely no chance. I calmly say "No Charlie back to bed."  To which he stamps his foot, folds his arms and replies "No".  Taking his hand I take him back to his bed, tuck him back up with Charley Bear and go back to my bed.  Just as I am nodding back off to sleep.  He gets up again, and again, and again.  By about 3am I am starting to lose my rag with him.  It would be so easy to just give in and let him get in my bed but I will not.

I went through this whole battle over a year ago when he did this every night for over two months.  He got the message that time and he will get it again this time.  Hopefully, it won't take as long this time but if it does, I survived last time and, I will again. I don't want him in my bed. I won't allow him in my bed.  End of!

Last night was Faye's turn.  She was awake until almost 11.30pm.  I have no idea why and looks like we could be heading the same way tonight.  She has been in bed as normal since 8pm, it's now 9.30, and I can hear her coughing and spluttering and doing everything to get my attention. We have just had the I feel sick and I've got a tummy ache lines.  She has just been told off so we'll see how long it is before she's goes to sleep. 


The worst part is that once I have been woken up some random thought will pop into my head and that will be it I am awake for hours thinking of stuff, immaterial stuff that doesn't need thinking about at 3.30am.  What we are having for tea for the next day does not matter at that time of the morning, but actually yes it does because then I realise that I have forgotten to take anything out of the freezer and so the cycle continues on and on and on. 

I laid there for over an hour last night arguing with myself over going to sleep. So much so that in an attempt to clear my mind I made myself a drink and proceeded to write my diary for over half an hour before turning the light off and trying to go back to sleep.  Half an hour later I am still wide awake and starting to get seriously annoyed. I put the light back on and read my book for a further half hour before finally about 4am nodding back off.  All to soon the flamming alarm clock was going off and I dragged myself out of bed not knowing what time it was.  I made a really strong coffee before having to deal with two really grumpy kids.

I think tonight I may have a very large drink or two or three before bed and it may just knock me out. I won't remember anything till morning, hopefully.

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