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Monday, 21 May 2012

Have you got any teeth left?

It was the six monthly trip to the dentist today.  My stomach has been in knots all day.  I hate visiting the dentist.  Faye on the other hand was so excited this morning.  She really couldn't wait.  As soon as we walked in the room she was first in the chair with a big grin in her face.  The dentist could have said he was going to pull all her teeth out and I think she would have just continued to sit there grinning.

Charlie on the other hand was not quite so brave.  When it was his turn he gripped onto me like a little monkey and point blank refused to sit in the chair.  No amount of bribery was going to coax him.  He had decided he wasn't siting in the chair and that was the end of the matter  We did manage to allow the dentist to have a little look whilst Charlie clung to my neck for dear life.

Then it was my turn.  I wanted to refuse to sit in the chair as well.  I don't even get a sticker for being brave.  Still I was very brave and luckily soon  had the all clear.  Just a clean and a polish.  So while the dentist set about cleaning my teeth with the awful grinding tool, the kids sat in the little chair opposite. All I could hear was the occasional little giggle off Faye.  A few minutes later I was good to go.

As I sat up and rinsed my mouth Charlie looked at me quite concerned, and said "Have you still got some teeth left mummy?" Trust Charlie to have everyone in stitches.  The dentist was almost crying with laughter.

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