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Sunday, 14 October 2012

National Railway Museum and Hull Fair

I have had such an unbelievably busy yet totally brilliant weekend.  It makes a change for me not to be having a whinge on here but I can honestly say at the moment I don't have much to complain about. 

It's been that dreaded week in October that everyone in Hull knows, mostly loves and dreads all the same time.  The age old tradition of Hull Fair.  We went twice and had a great time it was rides galore, candy floss, brandy snap and toffee apples.  We inevitably spent a fortune but what the hell! It's a good job it only comes once a year.  There is nothing like walking around the fairground soaking up the atmosphere.  The lights, sounds and smells of the fair mingled with the heavy autumnal evening air is something that simply cannot be recreated and can only be described as kind of magical. 

Unfortunately there are the crowds to contend with, the less then desirable idiots that choose to hang around and try to spoil things, the undercurrent of cigarette smoke and the horrendous amount of rubbish discarded on the floor and we won't even describe the state of the public toilets.  Still non of these things spoilt our evening and the four of us had a great night.

Today, we had a day at the National Railway Museum in York.  Charlie is a miniature train spotter and is obsessed with engines so it was the perfect place to take him.  All I can say is what a brilliant place to visit  I have had one of the most interesting days and after five hours in the place I can honestly say I could have easily stayed longer. The best thing was it was totally free.  A donation was requested which we did leave but we could have entered without paying a penny.

Although I don't have a really big interest in trains. I am a bit of a history geek and I do love nothing better then visiting museums.  I just love trying to get a sense of how things used to be.  I just enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish.  You don't realise how huge these engines are until you see them up close. The kids had a brilliant time exploring and learning all about trains and engines.  I know a lot of people that find museums boring but I love them.  We met a great guy who spent over half an hour showing us various artifacts and explaining the stories behind them.  He was so interesting that I could honestly have listened to him all day.

I now have 2 tired little children, happily asleep in their beds after a rather action packed few days.  My weekend has flown by again and I have loved every second spending it together as a family.  This is what weekends are all about. The best part of my weekend has been having to someone to share the great times with.  I have to admit I have enjoyed being single these last few years but at the minute I am enjoying being in a relationship even more. 

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