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Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Magic Treat Bag

Little man's behaviour has always been fairly challenging.  Much as I love him he is, what can only be described as, a high maintenance child.  But the last few weeks has seen his behaviour escalate to almost out of control.  Spitting, kicking, being cheeky, hissing at me, Yep, Hissing! Whenever he's told off he curls his lip, bares his teeth and hisses at me like a lizard.  I was at the end of my tether with him and something had to be done!

I considered the obvious naughty step, sticker chart, etc etc but I have tried these in the past and they just don't work for me,  Probably of my own doing but I just cannot consistently stick to what is required to make these options work.

I then remembered a tried and tested technique. The Magic Bag.  It worked when my daughter went through a little naughty phase so we're trying it again.

Basically, I've filled a bag with various tacky and rubbish items.  He is Halloween mad at the moment so there are plenty of spiders, bugs, bats and various other nasty critters in there.  When he is well behaved he gets to put his hand in the bag and pull out a treat.

Hey Presto! Today, I have had one exceptionally well behaved little boy.  One or two little tiny incidents but no spitting, no kicking and thankfully there has been no hissing either.  I'm not hopeful that it will last but so far so good.

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  1. Like the idea - not come across it before. Will have to give it a go.