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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Birthday Disaster!

It's Charlies third birthday tomorrow. He has gone to bed one very excited boy and I dread to think what time we will be up in the morning.  He has eagerly waited for this day for months. 

I have wrapped the presents, written the card, got the important Thomas the Tank Engine cake, candles, blown up the balloons.  Opened the birthday banner and what does it say ? "Birthday Girl" in big writing. Oh my god! What was I doing?  I can't put that up, or maybe I could just... No, No way.  Searched through my cupboards, surely there must be an old one in here somewhere I thought and yep, there was.  "Birthday Princess" it was even pinker and covered in little tiaras.  Definitely can't put that up.

Oh well, guess we'll have to forgo the banner. I'm quite certain that he won't even realise.  I cannot believe how quick the time has flown.  Three years ago since the very, very worst night of my life ever.  I should have known then that he would be trouble and he certainly is.  But I wouldn't swap him for the world.  Well, maybe somedays I would.

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