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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Here we go again!!

Well the day ended on a bad note yesterday and it's started this morning ten times worse.  I had a terrible nights sleep,I've had a major falling out with someone and the headache is worse then ever.

 After laying awake with all sorts of rubbish going round and round my mind I finally managed to drop off, only to be woken by Charlie 3 times, wanting to get in my bed and Faye having bad dreams at 4am.  Do you ever get those nights where no matter how much you try you just can't shut your thoughts off? 

Both kids woke up at 7 and as soon as they have opened their eyes they have continued to fight and argue over anything and everything.  Charlie is being his usual demanding and whingy self and my patience is currently being stretched to the limit. 

On a better note the kids are going to their dads tonight so I will have a few hours of much needed me time and tomorrow I am going to see my pal Linz. We have months worth of gossip to catch up on and I am so looking forward to it.   

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