Where: Place the code in between the Writer, Mother and Reviewer: July 2011

Friday, 29 July 2011

Cheque in the post!

It has been a few weeks since my last post but things have been a little bit crazy.  I have been fortunate to have  a week away in the sunshine on the gorgeous Greek island of Rhodes.  The weather was in the 40's everyday and it was total bliss.  I have come back relaxed, suntanned and ready to take on the world again.  (Just a few hours back and already argued with the ex.) I could quite easily have stayed.  I can picture myself in a little whitewashed villa with vivid pink begonias growing up the side overlooking the crystal clear Mediterranean. I would open a little taverna and then could spend my free time writing my bestseller. We can all dream.

Back to reality and whilst opening the rather large pile of bills that had appeared in my absence. I opened one letter to find a cheque for £25.  Chat magazine has published my letter so that was a lovely surprise and the first payment, hopefully of many, that I will receive for my work.  I now need to get my hands on a back issue to check out which letter it was because I have sent off numerous.

At the moment I have loads of ideas jotted in my little notebook.  I now need to make the time to get it all written into something publishable.  Hopefully this weekend I will be able to crack on.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

I've had so much going on these past few weeks that I haven't had the time to settle and really write anything at all.   I have a few items in the pipeline but they are still very much at the drafting stages.  My mind is too pre-occupied with my upcoming holiday.  Come Wednesday I will be flying off the to the sunny island of Rhodes.  Looking forward to some sea,sun and much needed chill out time.  Who knows I may meet a Greek god over there who will sweep me off my feet and declare undying love (A girl can dream!)

I've been looking back at some of the earlier postings on my blog and I've decided that my mission for when I return is to do a overhaul of my blog.  My mind set is totally different to the one back then when I set off.  My profile definitely needs some attention.

I also think my name for the blog needs possibly changing.  It was very relevant at the time because it was a New Beginning, but now I'm heading down the path and New Beginnings just doesn't seem to have the same significance, however I am undecided on this.  Any thoughts?

Friday, 8 July 2011


As I sit here all dry and warm outside there is an immense thunderstorm occuring.  The rumble of thunder is ear splitting and the flashes of lighting blinding.  The sky is as dark as night yet there is an illusion of light and a very faint rainbow can just be made out.

The rain is pounding against the windows and bouncing off the pavements.  I love thunder storms.  It always makes me feel slightly anxious but in a good way. It is as if your very nerve endings tingle and the hairs on the back on your neck stand up.  There is an air of nervous excitement.

As I look into the garden the dark dark shadows against the yellow sunflowers makes the colours so vivid and bright.  They are dancing their heads to in the increasing winds that have sprung from nowhere. 

I am glad that I am looking at this from the inside.  I have had my soaking for the day.  It was my daughters first sports day today and just as is was about to start a light drizzle started, which soon stopped shortly to be followed by the heavens opening and the rain cascading from the heavens.  It was all good fun.  Needless to say 2 races in and the event was ended.


It's a very sad day today.  My baby blackbirds are no more.  I have just been to visit my nest and check out how my babies were doing only to discover that the nest has been attacked in the night.  There was just four tiny little bodies littering my decking.

I feel gutted.  I had felt like a surrogate mother checking on their progress and seeing how fast they were growing.  To find that is so so sad.  My children will be devastated and I'm just thankful that they didn't see they carnage left behind. 

It was only yesterday that mum and dad were busy backwards and forwards yet this morning they are frantically in and out of the bush looking for their missing babies.  The body language is obvious they are frantic.  It's such a sad sight to have to watch.  I am assuming it is one of the many cats that live down the street that is the culprit.  The nest was located very low to the ground and in a very easily accessible place.  Nature can be so cruel somethimes. Poor blackbirds....

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tooth Fairy Mayhem

It was a big moment last night.  My daughters first tooth fell out.  It's been wobbly for just over a week and last night whilst she was watching the TV she let out the biggest yelp.  She shot into the kitchen absolutely panic stricken.  The look of terror on her face is something I will never forget.  "I didn't pull it mummy, I didn't." she said tears welling "it just fell out." "it's alright" I reassured her whilst she crumpled sobbing in my arms.  She has been so excited about this moment, but I think the reality is slightly more scary.

Anyway, she soon got over the shock and started becoming rather excited over the prospect that the tooth fairy would be making her first visit.  She couldn't wait to go to bed.  The tooth was safely ensconced in a little pink tooth bag that she had got out in preparation for the big event and it was neatly tucked away under the pillow awaiting collection.

4.30am this morning.  I was awoken to a little figure at the side of the bed "Mummy" she whispered.  "Mummy, the tooth fairy hasn't been yet".  Brain fuddled with sleep, realisation slowly crept in.  Oh good god, I could have screamed.  How could I have forgotten?  "Don't worry" I said more calmly than I felt "The tooth fairy is very busy but I'm sure she'll come.  You have to go back to sleep though or she won't come." 

I crawled back to bed, now what do I do?  I decided I would give it 10 minutes and then go and find a coin and try and slip it under her pillow.  I had just stepped out of bed typically onto the only bit of the floor that squeaks when, "Mummy, She still hasn't been" came a tiny voice.  This was a nightmare.  deciding I'd have to stay awake a bit longer I turned on my light and opened my book.

"beep, beeep, beeep, beeep came the shrill ring of the alarm clock.  Sh**, I had fallen back to sleep.  How can something so important, go so badly wrong.  "She didn't come, mummy" came the little voice.  She came into my bedroom, eyes brimming with tears.  After a little cuddle I came up with my plan.

Safely watching TV whilst munching her cereal I planted the gold coin.  Then opened the window slightly before shouting, "Faye, have you opened this window? because if you have your in trouble" "No, mummy I didn't honestly" then catching her breath she shouted "the fairy, it must be the fairy" darting upstairs she charged into her room and found her coin.  "She did come mummy, look" she hesitated before saying "but she didn't take my tooth cos I've got it in my hand" "Arrrggggh"

I managed to talk my way round that question and I stupidly thought that would now be an end to the matter.  Oh no, how wrong could I be.  I sent her to brush her teeth before school, and when she let out another yelp, I ran upstairs to find that she had been brushing the tooth in preparation to take it to school to show her teacher and had accidentally dropped it.  Straight down the plug hole!  Lost forever.  Well, you see I think it was the magic fairy dust, it must have sucked it away to the fairy. I hastily managed to explain.

School run done.  I had left her happily telling all her friends the magical stories about our friend the tooth fairy.  I on the other hand was exhausted.  1 tooth down, only 19 more to go.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Baby Blackbirds..

I have been sat in the garden today enjoying the sunshine and I noticed two blackbirds hanging around. They kept sitting on the fence with beak fulls of wiggly worms before shooting off and disappearing.  They would then swoop down at ligtening speed before disappearing again. After some detective work I realised that they were popping in and out of the bush at the bottom of my garden.

I patiently waited until both parents were out of sight before sneaking a little peak.  Not expecting to see much more then the outline of a nest. ( They are so good at hiding their babies.) I was amazed to see a little bundle of baby chicks. They looked like little aliens. Eyes still closed and just a few tufts of fluff, not a feather in sight, beaks were wide open waiting for their next meal.  They are just so sweet. 

I could have sat and watched them all day, but I heard the rather loud tweet of daddy who was telling me in no uncertain terms to get lost.  I quickly placed the leaves back to hide my little ones and left them to their dinner.  I can't wait to watch them grow.  My kids are fascinated by them although they have been given strict instructions to leave them well alone.

I am pleased that my coconut liners that they ripped to shreds to make the nest (as posted earlier) was not in vain. Now I have seen these little babies I'm actually pleased that they picked my garden.